Website and Social Media Consulting

The functionality of social media websites and the way we use them obviously changes over time. After we create a social media strategy for your business, it is important to maintain the strategy as well as fine-tune what is and isn’t working. Let VMBG help you stay on the cutting-edge of social media through periodic coaching. The coaching program is charged by the hour, and thus is suitable for smaller business who might not have the budget to afford a complete social media strategy consulting package yet still would like to get help from experts.

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Modern Website Design

At VMBG we always try to find the most efficient and cost effective solution for our customers. So when the digital limitations are standing in the way of customers, we offer our custom website development option. Custom development does not imply reinventing the wheel as we use proven frameworks and platforms but still deliver a solution precisely to the specification. Here are some of the benefits of custom website development from VMBG

Scalability. Extendibility. Performance.
Custom website is built to your requirements and the expected user traffic is one of the most important ones. Your website will be able to stoically withstand the hordes of users and we will devise a strategy for its future growth.

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Video Editing Service


We feel a wedding video should capture the romance, excitement and happiness of the occasion. Whether you’re a wedding videographer who needs an editor or a couple looking for someone to edit or re-edit your wedding footage, our video editing company can help. If you have hours of footage, on whatever device, even if it’s an old video, we can create a lasting memory of the day that will always be treasured.


Whether you’re flying down the slopes or jumping out of a plane, your GoPro footage creates a lasting memory. Our video editing services mean you can upload your footage and we’ll edit a video that will allow you to relive the adventure again and again!


Video is a powerful tool for your business. You might want to create an exciting conference story, a training program or tutorial, a promotional video, or even simply rebrand an existing video. Whatever your corporate needs, our video editing services have the solution for you.


Choose video editing online from us and we’ll turn your family memories into a treasured video that you’ll just love to cherish and share. Whether it was filmed on a professional camera or a phone, we can piece it together. We add music, titles, and transitions to create the perfect gift for your loved ones. Whether it’s a christening or a surprise birthday party – we’ve got it covered.

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We will build and manage website with user-friendly platform. Changes to your website are easy to preform. Websites are easy to navigate and bring more clients to your doors.


We will make your page rank high in Google search engine and Google Maps. This will get you the traffic your website needs and get find you more clients
per month.


We can get your online up in no time. Whether you’re just getting started or are an established brand, our powerful platform helps your business grow.


What are you waiting for?

Stop trying to do this yourself, we have tons of experience and want to help you. Our prices are reasonable, so what are you waiting for?